6 Rules That Every Data Centre Engineer Has To Follow

A data centre can easily contain up to a few thousand LAN cables, co-axial cables, as well as many network components. It is extremely easy to mess things up with so many connections contained in a single place. It is prudent for every network engineer and data centre engineer to keep the area clean and connections tidy.

What Can You Do To Ensure A Stable And Fast Internet Connection For Your Office Workers?

The network engineer of a company has one basic yet very important task to complete – he or she has to ensure that the office workers have a fast and stable connection to the internet. Implementing restrictions and limits may be a daunting task but it does not sound as scary as it seems! Here are some measures that an infrastructure engineer can do to ensure that the office staffs receive a stable and speedy connection.

Is Cloud Computing Viable For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?

Even though all managers know that cloud computing can increase the productivity and efficiency of their companies, most of them view the platform as a solution large enterprises. Based on a recent study – ‘IT Infrastructure Matter’ – less than 10% of the small and midsize companies are actually prepared for what the internet and SEO have to offer in the near future.