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Thriving in the modern business world means staying ahead of the curve. This requires a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure. This applies to all organizations, even to your small- or medium-sized business in Atlanta. However, managing your own IT can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor, diverting valuable resources from your core business objectives. This is where USWired steps in.

As a leading managed IT services provider in Atlanta, we understand the unique technology challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced IT professionals is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that help you reach your business goals, regardless of your industry and size.

Local comprehensive IT services for Atlanta businesses

We’re a local managed services and IT consulting provider, deeply knowledgeable in how Atlanta businesses work. We understand the city’s dynamic tech landscape
and the challenges medium sized businesses face here. That’s why we offer full service solutions Atlanta companies need to thrive, such as:


Managed IT services

We take the burden of managing your IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, software, and security, off your shoulders. This involves secure remote monitoring, patch management, backup and disaster recovery, and proactive maintenance, ensuring your systems run smoothly and securely.


Security services

Stay one step ahead of cyberthreats with our robust security solutions, including network security, endpoint protection, data encryption, and incident response. We develop a risk strategy customized to your business to protect your customers' valuable data and ensure business continuity.

Cloud services

Leverage our top rated cloud services to boost scalability, accessibility, and cost efficiency. We help you migrate critical data to the cloud, manage your cloud environment, and integrate cloud solutions with your existing infrastructure.

Vendor management

Vendor management

We specialize in managing IT vendors for businesses of all sizes, ensuring you get the best value for your money and optimal performance from your technology investments, whether you're a small startup or a medium-sized business.


By choosing USWired as your managed IT services provider, you gain more than just technical support — you gain a trusted partner focused on your success. Your success is our success, and we are committed to delivering tip of the line, highest-quality services to support your growth.

Improve operations across the board with USWired’s tailored services

Running a business in Atlanta can be challenging, and the complex web of IT management can drain your resources and distract you from your core objectives. Partner with USWired, and we’ll help you overcome tech problems. Count on us to:

Enhance productivity and efficiency: Let our expert team manage your IT systems, taking over tasks such as network management and monitoring, remote support, and cloud computing services, and disaster recovery. This frees you and your employees to focus on what matters most: your business.

Improve security and compliance: As a leading managed security service provider, we provide robust cybersecurity measures to help our clients avoid evolving cybersecurity threats. Our suite of security solutions and services include a comprehensive risk strategy, data security, firewall management, and intrusion detection.

Optimize costs and control budgets: Managing an in-house IT team can come with steep costs and unpredictable expenses. Our flexible and scalable managed service plans allow you to manage IT costs effectively.

Gain a competitive edge: Embrace innovation with our cutting-edge IT solutions. We’ll help you deploy the latest cloud technologies to optimize your systems and improve communication and collaboration, giving you a clear edge in the marketplace.

What sets USWired apart from other
managed services providers in Atlanta?


USWired is more than just an IT company. We are part of your team, dedicated to your success. Our top-notch qualities make us a cut above any other Atlanta-based MSP:

Experienced professionals: Our knowledgeable technicians and certified IT specialists possess the expertise and dedication to deliver exceptional results.

Customer-centric approach: We value open communication and build strong relationships with our clients. We understand your business and listen to your unique needs to develop the perfect solution.

Proven track record of success: We’ve been helping businesses in Atlanta achieve their goals through our reliable and comprehensive services since 1996.

Security and compliance assurance: We take data security seriously and adhere to the highest industry standards to keep your information safe.

24/7 support and monitoring: We’re always here for you, day or night, to address any IT challenges that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT services offer businesses a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to IT management and ongoing support, enabling them to stay competitive, secure, and focused on their core objectives.

We’ve developed a proven process to make onboarding as smooth as possible. We start with a kick-off meeting and system audits so we can understand your IT infrastructure, needs, and goals. We then configure your systems, integrate our tools, and establish secure access. We’ll also provide clear documentation, training resources, and ongoing support to help you navigate any challenges.

Our team participates in regular training programs, workshops, and certifications across various technology areas. This keeps our skills sharp and our knowledge up to date. We actively attend industry conferences, webinars, and meetups to stay abreast of emerging trends, network with thought leaders, and get hands-on experience with new technologies.

Our pricing model is tailored to accommodate different businesses and their unique IT needs. We offer flexible plans that can include services such as proactive monitoring, system maintenance, cybersecurity measures, help desk support, and more. Contact us today for an accurate quote

Our resolution time depends on various factors, including the complexity of the issue, the nature of the problem, and the availability of necessary information and resources. As an IT support company, our experienced technicians goal is to address and resolve issues as swiftly as possible to minimize downtime and disruptions to your operations.

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