Risks of migrating to the cloud: How to avoid a cybersecurity nightmare

Migrating to the cloud can be a huge boon for businesses of all sizes, as it can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide a host of other benefits. But cloud migration also comes with security risks and other challenges. In this article, we will discuss some of the biggest cloud migration risks and how you can avoid them.

7 Ways to keep your email account safe

Email is one of the most essential business tools today. It enables swift, efficient communication within a company and with their customers and partners. Email’s popularity among businesses is what makes it a target for hackers looking to get ahold of critical business and client information. It’s therefore crucial to safeguard your email account, and […]

Defending against watering hole attacks

More and more cybercriminals are launching watering hole attacks to gain access to company networks. But what exactly is a watering hole attack, and how can you protect yourself from it? Read on to learn how. How watering hole attacks work The term “watering hole” colloquially refers to a social gathering place where a particular […]

Why it’s important for businesses to have a healthy IT security budget

As a business owner, you know that it's important to keep your budget in check. But when trying to save on costs, many business owners make the huge mistake of thinking that they can skimp on IT security. Not only is it important to have a healthy IT security budget, but it’s also necessary to approach security budgeting the right way.

Your guide to better online security

It’s no secret that the internet can be a dangerous place. Cybercriminals are always coming up with new methods to steal your information or install malware on your computer or devices via the internet. This guide will show you how to improve your online security and keep yourself safe while surfing the web. Use a […]

A short guide to IT security lingo

As more and more businesses move their operations online, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been greater. However, many employees are still unfamiliar with many cybersecurity terms. Here are some of the most commonly used terms in IT security. By understanding these terms, you will be better equipped to protect your business from […]

Top 5 reasons your business can be a primary target of cyberattacks

Cyberattacks can have devastating consequences for businesses. A successful attack, for instance, can result in data loss, financial ruin, or reputational damage. In some cases, it can even cause physical destruction to equipment or facilities.

Cyberattacks are also becoming more prevalent, with cybercriminals creating about 300,000 malware per day.

Safeguarding social media: Tips for keeping your personal information protected

It’s no secret that social media is a huge target for hackers. Every day, millions of people share their personal information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This makes it easy for cybercriminals to steal identities and access sensitive data. It’s therefore important that you know how to effectively protect your social media […]

7 Practical ways to boost your business’s cybersecurity

Cybercrime is rising globally at an exponential rate, and while large enterprises may have sufficient resources to boost cybersecurity, many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not.

In a world that's increasingly digital, it's more important than ever for small businesses to protect their IT networks and data, especially as attacks become more sophisticated every day.

Why is cybersecurity important to your business?

In today's digital world, everything is just a click away. Our professional and personal lives have begun to converge. Unfortunately, as a result of this pervasive tendency, we are more vulnerable than ever to malicious attacks, invasions of privacy, fraud, and other such frustrations.

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