Saving Energy Through Virtualization

One of the major data center expenses is related to server power usage. This has forced many an organization to go looking for working alternatives for mitigating energy costs. While improving server hardware has been the most opted for approach for many years, virtualization today is making the biggest impact in this regard.

What Is The Role Of Flash Storage In A Private Cloud Computing Platform?

Performance requirements in different cloud computing environments are stretching the physical limits of the conventional rotating hard disk drives to levels that haven’t ever been experienced before. And because the normal hard disk drives (HDDs) heavily rely upon mechanical operations to correctly perform their tasks, they are running up against their limits in handling the random input and output operations that are demanded by the highly virtualized production environments, of which cloud computing is a good leading example.

IT Talk: 6 Steps To Take When You Are Migrating To The Cloud

Cloud computing is making a name for itself in the IT world. Many have favored of making use of such technology to help distribute all the IT costs a company may possibly incur for a total revamp of the company's security measures. With that, you can say that cloud computing will surely be able to save you from making huge amounts of investments.

Fearful Facts You Should Know When It Comes To Online Security

Data breach is common in all enterprises that rely much upon the Internet when it comes to delivering products and services to their consumers. This translates to problems when it comes to online security. Your company may not have been affected by breaches on online security at the time you read this but there is no guarantee you will not be hit by the 'epidemic' in the near future especially if you do not have a concrete and strong data encryption and security in place.

Top Features That Constitute A Secure Wireless Network

Today's technological advancements have resulted in a huge reliance on our day to day mobile devices alike. We should factor this in when we are outlining our wireless networks. In the past, huge emphasis was not placed on the aforementioned as user only need to know provide adequate network coverage to a select group of people.

Enhance Your Cloud Strategy For 2015!

While you look forward to a productive year ahead, you may want to consider tuning your company's data management up a notch. And to achieve that, you might want to consider moving selected data to the cloud. But first, it is essential that you develop a viable strategy beforehand.

How To Find Out If An IT Support Investment Will Be Profitable

In business, every decision that is made is usually with one goal in mind: to increase profits. Any decision, whether it will require a large investment or a small one, will need one to be very strategic in order to achieve this goal. The consequence of neglecting this is finding that one has to spend a lot of money on such decisions, only to find out later on that it does not make much of a difference in terms of profits.