The benefits of virtual machines for your business

As a business owner, you’ve probably run into a million issues with your computers, such as malware, cyberattacks, and slow internet connections, among others. But have you ever needed to run an application on all of your computers, only to realize that it’s not made for your current system? If this is what you’re going through, virtual machines (VMs) might be for you.

Which VoIP service is best for you?

Is it better for your company’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system to be on-premise or cloud-based? What’s the difference between a mobile VoIP client and a software-based application? What VoIP service is best for your business? The following compilation of VoIP options will help you answer these questions and choose the ideal service for […]

How do I create an effective Facebook ad?

Facebook has uses that go way beyond posting cat photos, complaining about restaurants, or stalking your ex — it’s also an incredibly effective advertising platform. From small businesses to big corporations, anyone can benefit from Facebook’s marketing tools. Read on to leverage Facebook to your advantage. Why advertise on Facebook? Above all else, the cost-effectiveness […]

Cyberthreats and the finance sector

The financial sector has long been heavily targeted by cybercriminals. Over the years, the number of attacks that involved extortion, social engineering, and credential-stealing malware has surged rapidly. This means that financial institutions should strive to familiarize themselves with the threats and the agents behind them. Here are seven new threats and tactics, techniques, and […]

The most alarming data breaches of 2018

Factors such as increased connectivity and improved monitoring tools contribute to the record-breaking number of data breaches in 2018. However, the biggest contributor by far has to be the brazen ambition of hackers. That is, the counts aren’t getting bigger just because we’re getting better at counting breaches — the scope of cyberattacks has increased as well, with each major assault affecting hundreds of thousands to millions of users.

Lessons from a disaster recovery plan audit

Why do some companies fail their disaster recovery plan (DPR) audit? Perhaps because they did not get the right information for it. They say experience is the best teacher; thus, nothing beats what you can learn from real-world case studies. See what you can learn from the following case. Hosting certain types of data and […]

The biggest challenges to network security in 2019

With the United States as the world leader in IT-driven innovations, it comes as no surprise that it also suffers the most data breach incidents. Greater connectivity means having a larger surface area to protect against network infiltrators and exfiltrators (i.e., internal actors who commit the unauthorized retrieval, transfer, or copying of data from inside a network outwards), be they malicious or unintentionally harmful in nature.

Premise-based or cloud-hosted VoIP?

Business owners are turning to the cloud because of its numerous advantages. However, others prefer premise-based infrastructures. When it comes to VoIP phone systems, which is better for your business? Installation and maintenance On-premises VoIP phone systems are installed in your office and typically managed and maintained by your own personnel. While you can hire […]

Groups, Yammer, and Teams: What are they?

While most Office 365 apps serve a unique purpose, tools like Outlook Groups, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams can all be used for office communication and collaboration. However, there are small differences in the way they can be used. Let us break it down for you. Outlook Groups With Outlook Groups, every member gets a shared […]

Fileless malware: Are you at risk?

Over the past few years, the security industry has been witnessing a rapid evolution in attack techniques, including fileless malware, which uses legitimate tools and services such as existing software, applications, and authorized protocols to carry out malicious activities such as unauthorized data retrieval or data damage. It therefore pays to stay abreast of such […]