5 Latest Threats To Network Security

Is the network in your workplace secure? Are you 100% sure? Remember that security threats develop overtime. There are always new threats that arise and you must be updated with them. Here are the latest threats that might endanger your network:

Social engineering threats

Almost everybody in the workplace has at least one account in any of the popular social networking sites of today.

Choosing Between LAN And WAN

Internet access is important in business nowadays. It is through the Internet where you can advertise and promote your products or services. The Internet can also allow for better seller-client relationships since you would be able to attend to the needs of your clients easily.

Best Practices That Should Be Adhered To When Installing Network And Data Cables

When doing computer networking, most people would go for the use of wireless technology due to its convenience and the fact that it’s high tech. However, the use of physical connections between devices still has some merit in some situations. If you are on a tight budget, for instance, you could opt to use cabling instead of a wireless system, since this is cheaper.

The Main Aspects That Make Or Break An Excellent IT Service Firm

There are plenty of IT firms in the market today. Well, this is a good and at the same time, a bad thing. It is good in the sense that people in need of such services have a wide variety of providers to select from. On the other hand, it is bad in the sense that it becomes quite difficult and challenging to settle for the best possible provider when searching for one.

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