The benefits of virtual machines for your business

As a business owner, you’ve probably run into a million issues with your computers, such as malware, cyberattacks, and slow internet connections, among others. But have you ever needed to run an application on all of your computers, only to realize that it’s not made for your current system? If this is what you’re going through, virtual machines (VMs) might be for you.

The most alarming data breaches of 2018

Factors such as increased connectivity and improved monitoring tools contribute to the record-breaking number of data breaches in 2018. However, the biggest contributor by far has to be the brazen ambition of hackers. That is, the counts aren’t getting bigger just because we’re getting better at counting breaches — the scope of cyberattacks has increased as well, with each major assault affecting hundreds of thousands to millions of users.

The biggest challenges to network security in 2019

With the United States as the world leader in IT-driven innovations, it comes as no surprise that it also suffers the most data breach incidents. Greater connectivity means having a larger surface area to protect against network infiltrators and exfiltrators (i.e., internal actors who commit the unauthorized retrieval, transfer, or copying of data from inside a network outwards), be they malicious or unintentionally harmful in nature.

Why you need a true disaster recovery expert in 2019 more than ever

Losing your database can cripple your business. How do you ensure that packages have been sent to the appropriate delivery addresses if you lose your tracking information? How much longer will it take to finalize sales if your team has to revert to paper-based transaction records? How will your healthcare facility properly administer medicines to critically ill patients if you don’t know what drugs they are allergic to?

In this Information Age, having access to reliable data is crucial to running a business.

Do you need an IT service provider to manage your Office 365 subscription?

The business case for deploying Microsoft Office 365 across your organization is compelling. Depending on the subscription plan you choose, your staff gets to use feature-rich desktop versions of much-beloved productivity apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, basic-but-highly-useful web versions of those apps, plus other handy storage, communication, and collaboration tools such as OneDrive, Exchange, and SharePoint.

New cybersecurity threats we all should watch out for in 2019

Running a business and fending off competitors is tough enough, but mounting threats to your company’s data and processes make everything more difficult. How can one cope with more sophisticated malware and complex government regulations that add costs to operations? And how can a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) navigate the sea of solutions that’s as broad in choices as it is deep in technical jargon?

SMBs can begin by raising their awareness of the current and foreseeable landscape.

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