How can I lower my business’s cybersecurity risk?

How can I lower my business’s cybersecurity risk?

Every business is at risk of a cyber attack these days. Malicious actors are constantly devising ways to breach business systems, so it goes without saying that all businesses should take their cybersecurity seriously. But what exactly can businesses do to reduce their cybersecurity risk?

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Mitigate cybersecurity risk with these tips

Lowering the risk of cyberattacks isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. It depends on many factors, such as how well equipped your IT team is and how robust your cybersecurity tools are. On top of the standard information security tools and activities all businesses must have, you can also keep the following tips in mind to better guarantee a successful cybersecurity strategy.

Patch updates as soon as they arrive

Install updates as soon as they are made available by software developers. This will prevent any gaps in your system’s security from emerging. Remember that modern cyberthreats only need a small window of time to infiltrate a system, so always treat updates with urgency.

It’s a good idea to require automatic updates on all devices used for work. Automatic updates will help lessen the burden on your IT team, and it will also help ensure that the rest of your staff are aware of any security improvements to their devices.

Protect outbound data

It’s not just inbound data traffic that requires constant monitoring, but outbound data as well. Employees sometimes make honest mistakes about files they attach to emails. Or worse, a disgruntled employee may seek to steal sensitive information to hurt your business. Having protocols and tools in place to prevent this — such as egress filtering — will help ensure that no outbound data contains sensitive information.

Educate your staff regularly

When it comes to cybersecurity, many experts agree that employees are often the weakest link. And because the cyberattack landscape is changing rapidly with new malware and other threats being released every day, it’s a good idea to conduct regular training sessions and knowledge updates.

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Encrypt your data

Encrypting your data should be a default procedure in your data management system. It allows you to securely store and transmit business data so that only authorized people can unscramble and read it. Even if your data is lost or stolen, it will be gibberish to anyone unless they have the decryption key.

Enforce password policies

Enforce robust password policies such as minimum requirements for password creation. For instance, a minimum password requirement should combine length and complexity, or the use of a combination of special characters, numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters. The longer and more complex the password, the harder it is to hack.

Aside from establishing minimum password requirements, you should also require the use of a password management tool, which securely stores multiple passwords across different services. It allows users to simply remember one master password to gain access to different accounts.

Never store credit card information

It would be in your best interest to never store your customers’ credit card information. You can do this by partnering with third-party payment processors to handle all credit card transactions. This is much safer for both you and your clients, and it should make reversals and refunds easier to do than if you handled these processes in house.

Partner with a reputable cybersecurity provider

This is perhaps the most effective way to significantly reduce your cybersecurity risk. Partnering with a reputable security provider ensures that your system is protected with industry-standard tools and practices. It also frees up your in-house IT staff from cybersecurity duties so they can quickly respond to urgent needs. Best of all, it’s an investment that is cost-effective and easy to anticipate, so you can take it with you as your business grows.

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