Preventative Measures: Why You Need Proactive IT Support

Preventative Measures: Why You Need Proactive IT Support

Companies need IT support to ensure their computers and network systems for key business activities continue working effectively and without glitches.

The most popular model for small and medium-sized businesses to get their IT support is a break/fix arrangement, which is exactly what it sounds like: When something breaks, an IT technician comes and fixes it. This is known as the reactive IT support model.

Now, the most common outsourced IT support model is the managed services provider (MSP). Mainstream MSPs provide a blend of reactive break/fix support and proactive IT support. The managed services offered by these providers, such as USWired, typically involve remotely monitoring a customer’s computers, networks, and servers, and responding when issues are reported.

What is proactive IT support?

They say that prevention is the best cure, and this couldn’t be more true in the case of IT security. Reducing your exposure to serious security threats like the latest malware scams requires a proactive, or sometimes called a preventative, approach to ensure that malicious software never makes it past your firewall. There’s no substitute for taking every necessary step to prevent security breaches from arising in the first place.

Proactive vs reactive

When dealing with a proactive type of IT support, the keyword here is anticipation. Your MSP will plan ahead and prepare for future problems, issues, needs or changes for your network. By contrast, reactive IT support involves fixing issues only after they've occurred. This means a greater chance of prolonged downtime, a slower recovery time, and a larger loss of profits.

Why prevention is, in fact, the best cure

Reliable data security and network uptime is absolutely vital for small and medium-sized businesses, and outsourcing your IT support to an MSP like USWired will ensure that your IT environment is protected from external threats, and that your network runs like a well-oiled machine.

When outsourced to an MSP, proactive IT support provides a critical extra layer of security by preventing online threats from even reaching your network and data.

A cyberattack, which compromised and locked more than 2,000 payment and scheduling systems used by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, or better known as Muni, was made through ransomware two years ago.

USWired offers one of the most comprehensive, affordably priced services and maintenance IT support for the entire San Francisco Bay Area to prevent this type of attack.

Your IT employees might not be working around the clock, and even their vacation time and sick days could potentially hurt your business. This doesn’t mean you can afford to sleep on security. To ensure your business data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, you’ll need to take a proactive approach toward security. Round-the-clock monitoring is essential for supporting, maintaining, and keeping your network locked down at all times.

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