Is Cloud Computing Viable For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?

Even though all managers know that cloud computing can increase the productivity and efficiency of their companies, most of them view the platform as a solution large enterprises. Based on a recent study – ‘IT Infrastructure Matter’ – less than 10% of the small and midsize companies are actually prepared for what the internet and SEO have to offer in the near future.

A Quick Look At Types Of IT Support And Why You Need Them For Your Business

Whether you are selling items, products or providing services to consumers, you have to provide some kind of support, contact and feedback solution. When items are not delivered to customers, services are not up to expectations and customers are not happy, they will be contacting you! Your customers may be far away, so it may not be practical for them to travel to your location for assistance.

Designing And Installing A Network Without Sweating It Out

Designing, installing and implementing a network can be easy or hard; just hire an IT expert in the first before things get out of hand. The difficulty of it actually depends on the number of people using it! If you need to install a network for your home, it is as easy as getting a fiber line from your service provider, connect it to a modem and a router.