Top ways tech is improving workplace productivity

Top ways tech is improving workplace productivity

There was a time when working in the office meant doing things manually. Documents needed to be written by hand or on typewriters; every file had to be printed out; employees needed to physically be in the company premises to access files; and working from home wasn’t a possibility.

However, thanks to technology, businesses are becoming more efficient and productive. People from any part of the world can communicate instantaneously, files can easily be acquired on demand, and workers are more mobile than ever.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that tech is improving workplace productivity.

#1. Customer service has become easier with chatbots

Back in the day, customer service meant setting up a telephone system that had to be programmed with complex phone menus. It also meant hiring manpower to handle and document the high volume of calls.

With today’s technology, however, automated computer programs called chatbots can be programmed to answer your customers’ frequently asked questions, thus easing workloads considerably. Chatbots can either be embedded on your company’s website, or on an instant messaging app.

Let’s say a prospective client has a question about your product delivery system. Instead of having a live customer service representative attend to the client, your chatbot can answer their question, giving your CSRs more time to deal with bigger issues.

#2. Remote work is now possible

Employees once needed to be chained to an office space to get their work done. However, the rise of telecommuting or remote work has changed all that. Thanks to high internet speeds and cloud computing, employees can easily access their work files and be productive even in the comfort of their homes.

Because people no longer need to travel to the office, they feel more motivated to do their work. In fact, according to Owl Lab’s State of Remote Work 2019, remote workers are happier in their jobs than on-site workers. By having the proper rules and regulations, organizations can implement remote work in their office to keep employee morale high.

#3. More efficient networking

When it comes to networking, people usually think of business cards and corporate events. However, today’s social media technology has made it easier to connect to other people even without leaving the house.

Employees can now use LinkedIn to send messages to other people and meet professionals with the same interests. They can do so from the office or from their homes, eliminating the need to travel.

#4. Better focusing tools

While the internet is a gold mine for individuals and businesses alike, it’s easy for many employees to get distracted by online games, eCommerce sites, and social networking sites, making them less productive.

Thanks to technology, however, there are new methods to keep employees productive at work. For instance, web filtering software can block unnecessary websites. If people can only access the websites they need for their work, they will finish their tasks more quickly and efficiently.

#5. Managed services are easily accessible

There might be some aspects of your business that cannot be handled solely by your in-house staff. Thanks to the internet, businesses can scout for third-party contractors for the tasks needed to be accomplished.

For instance, let’s say your business is experiencing a high volume of IT issues lately, and your current IT staff is not knowledgeable enough to handle all of them. To solve the problem, you can use the internet to look for managed IT service providers (MSPs) in your area.

MSPs like USWired can solve your IT problems, no matter how varied and complicated they are. They can also remotely monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure 24/7/365. On top of this, they can take care of the bigger problems so your in-house staff can become more productive by focusing more on other important things and what they specialize in.

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