Use A VPN For Telecommuting In Your Company To Make Operations Cheaper!


If you run a business or are thinking of starting one and employing people, one of the things you might need to consider is how to use technology to make it easier for both you and your employees to work. One of the technologies that is gaining a lot of ground these days is VPN tunneling. Basically, this is a networking solution that can allow your staff members to log into your business network from wherever they are. There are many important applications for this type of technology, but one that you should definitely consider using it for is telecommuting.

What are the advantages of this?

From the perspective of the employee, the advantages of telecommuting are clear; it allows them to work in a more comfortable environment and without having to worry about transport issues. However, what does this do for you as the employer? For one, it can drastically reduce the amount of money that you need to run a business.

In fact, this is the primary reason why a lot of people are considering using it, even if it’s for a small portion of their staff members. The fact that some staff members might not need to physically show up for work means that you won’t’ need to do things such as getting them company cars or paying for their fuel. You will also need less office space and less furniture as well. These savings do add up, and in the end are worth it.

How do you make sure that this does not degrade the quality of your company?

One of the fears that most corporate bodies have when it comes to the use of VPN for telecommuting is the fact that it might reduce staff productivity. For instance, how do you know that the network will always be reliable, so that the staff members can access their work spaces?

The best way to solve this is by simply getting the network installed by a firm with a good reputation. Most of them often go to great lengths to ensure that the systems they put in place are as reliable as possible. Some of the things they can do to facilitate this include using redundant connection systems. They can also use topologies that reduce the chances of failure as well.

Of course, you might also need to consider how to encourage your staff members to work as well. Sometimes, the fact that they are working from home might distract them. Some of the measures you can put in place to avoid this include giving them clearly defined short term goals. This way, you can have a clear metric to monitor them.

What about security?

There are many things that can be done to preserve the security of such a system. For one, the fact that a VPN is a point to point network means that it’s very difficult for any unauthorized access to happen. Other measures that you can take to make telecommuting safer include the use of cloud computing, so that very little sensitive data is actually saved on the employee’s home computer. This way, even if this is compromised, your data will still be intact.

In summary, if you are interested in finding ways of running your company more effectively, you should seriously consider using VPN for telecommuting. This is a worthy venture as long as you get it done correctly.

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