Is Cloud Computing Viable For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?


Even though all managers know that cloud computing can increase the productivity and efficiency of their companies, most of them view the platform as a solution large enterprises. Based on a recent study – ‘IT Infrastructure Matter’ – less than 10% of the small and midsize companies are actually prepared for what the internet and SEO have to offer in the near future. Simply put, many admit that their IT infrastructure is not primed for the proliferation of cloud computing, mobile devices and social media.

Benefits of cloud for SMB

While they may not realize its potential, cloud computing is actually critical to businesses of all sizes that want to become competitive in an already crowded market. If you’re a small or a midsize company, then here is what you can gain by switching to a cloud platform:

• Enhances collaboration between departments

Cloud allows your employees to access data anytime, anywhere and from any registered device. Consequentially, it would be easier for a team to work and collaborate efficiently on shared projects.

• Ensures better engagement

In the recent years, leading companies have traded the cost-efficient strategies for investing in systems that promote customer engagement. Cloud computing is perceived as one of the best instruments to build a strong business-customers relationship.

• You obtain better insight over your operations

To remain competitive, a company needs to be able to derive insight from structured and unstructured data relatively fast. A cloud platform helps browse through the analytics better and allows businesses to ascertain its target audience better.

• Boost operation speed

Because it promotes collaboration and offers better insight, cloud computing also aids your businesses in driving innovation in products and services faster. In fact, your IT department can work along with you on a project.

• The benefits are measurable

Although it may look like a large expense at first, keep in mind that the benefits of cloud computing are measurable. Not only will your business grow more efficient, but you will also notice increased staff mobility, both of these aspects reflecting in the sales volume.

Make sure your business is ready for cloud

While all the aforementioned advantages are quite appealing, many small and midsize mangers will not consider switching to cloud due to their limited budget. The good news is that SMBs can enjoy all these advantages and much more with minimal investment. Nevertheless, even if it’s affordable, it doesn’t mean that you should rush into this decision. As a manager, you need to ensure that your company is prepared for the migration. Preparation in this case means:

• Agree on the scope, timing, phases and expected results
• Be prepared to fail quickly and move on
• Establishing when to integrate the existing data
• Accounting for all costs involved in the migration

A final thought

Take note that before you select a provider, it would be wise to search for cloud computing solutions online first. Most reputable providers offer free trials, which you can use to determine whether their solutions are suitable with your business. While this approach sounds time-consuming, rest assured that once you find the right service, you will recover the time lost easily.

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