5 Tips To Speed Up Your Office Internet Connection

Nobody wants slow and weak Internet connection. In this modern age, speed is very important. This is particularly true in the world of business. Speedy Internet is important so that video conferences can be held and mail can be sent successfully. If you own a business with a wireless network, you might want to check out the following tips on how you can prevent a slow Internet connection.


Control devices that interfere with connection

Wireless devices can be held responsible for the slow Internet connection. You can always get a wireless network analyzer so that you get to know the sources of interference. Most of these sources of interference might be coming from the company kitchen. A good example is the microwave oven. Cordless phones, security alarms, and other wireless devices are also good examples of appliances that might have to be repositioned so that they would not slow down your Internet connection.

Control applications that hog bandwidth

It is important for you to be aware of those applications that are hogging all the bandwidth. Applications that have video conferencing capabilities can be responsible for weak bandwidth in corporate setting. But other applications like Netflix, uTorrent, and gaming applications can also be responsible. That is why you have to make sure that these are not installed in your company computers, or if they are needed, make sure their use is regulated.

Reposition your router

Your router might also have to be repositioned. You might want to try raising your router so that broadcast range can be more effective. But getting a higher position for your router does not necessarily improve your Internet speed. You might want to try placing it in the center of your office or workplace for a more equal Internet speed. You should also consider placing your router near computers and other receivers as close as possible.

Consider getting an upgrade

If your wireless network is old, then it probably needs an upgrade. Technology moves at a very fast paced. Your wireless network might get outdated in just several years. There are a number of upgrades your wireless network might have to undergo. For one, the antenna might have to be replaced. Make sure the antenna that will be installed is compatible with your router. Another upgrade might be the installation of a new repeater or even a wireless amplifier.

Use the latest network technologies

As mentioned earlier, technology moves at a very fast pace and that is why you have to be familiar with its recent advancements particularly in the area of wireless networking. There are numerous apps, software, and hardware out there that can help boost the speed and performance of your router. Some of them can even be downloaded online for free.

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