3 Tips To Consider When You Are Using Cloud Services

One of the most popular aspects in IT today is cloud computing. Cloud computing services are becoming more and more common nowadays and experts state that cloud computing technology can even become more popular in the coming several years. This is true most especially since cloud services mean easy access to various types of software you need. If you own a business, it might be practical for you to store your precious data in cloud for security reasons and easy access. Here are some quick tips whenever you are availing cloud computing services:


Have a very strong password

It is important for you to create a strong password for your server. And that password should only be known by those who are authorized to have access to whatever stored in that server. Other people within your company who have to devise their own passwords should also be familiar in creating strong passwords. Combine both uppercase and lowercase letters. Combine non-numerical and non-alphabetical characters. Never use words that are related to your company name or motto. Make sure passwords are never disseminated to individuals who have no business with the info stored on servers. Better yet, have the passwords changed regularly. A strong password is your first defense against those hackers.

Understand how your data is protected

You should care how your data is protected. Now how it is done. Know where your data is remotely stored. Feel free to solicit info from your cloud service provider. With knowledge on how your cloud system works, you would be able to devise plans on how network attacks can be monitored and even detect hostile system activity. With enough knowledge on how the cloud system works, you would be able to understand the efficiency of your security even better. It would also be nice if you can snoop around and interview some people you know whom you know are getting services from the same cloud service provider.

Always back up your data

It is also very important to back-up your data. Yes, cloud computing offers a good security solution for important data. However, it is still practical to back-up your data. There is that slight chance for data to be lost due to unforeseen circumstances. Natural disasters can never be prevented. You would not know when a fire or flood would strike. There is even that chance of thievery. What if you lose your clients’ data and not just your company data? Of course, you would be liable to your clients. Know your risks because that might even help you choose a good type of cloud support system for your business.

At USWired, we offer unique but effective cloud hosting solutions. With our services, you will never have to spend money on expensive services and network equipment. We have 3rd-party applications that can be delivered straight to your desktop so you would not have to purchase them. You do not even have to spend costs in maintaining them. We take security very seriously.

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