Types Of IT Support

With the progress of technology and new technological gadgets, IT support or tech support has become big business. Such services attempt to help users understand and handle products such as televisions, computers, cellphones and mechanical devices. Since not every consumer is tech savvy and knows how to operate gadgets or fix glitches, tech support is the answer to their problems.

There are several types of IT support which can address the needs of the customer in various ways. Time and material, managed services and block hours are the most common.

Time and material: Time and material refers to the service whereby a customer pays for the hardware and the labor cost of the technician. The amount is agreed upon prior to receiving service.

Managed services: Some companies or individuals need round the clock assistance for their computer servers and other problems which need to be addressed immediately. Tech support can provide these services at a fixed rate which is usually paid by the client every month.

Block hours: Instead of paying significant amounts of money for help, customers can buy a certain number of hours for a lesser price and use them in case they have a problem that tech support can help them with.

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