5 Mistakes That Might Risk The Cyber Security Of Your Business

Security breaches in the cyber network are increasing day by day. More individuals and successful companies are targeted each day and hackers are getting more smart and manipulative each day. The vulnerable points of the companies and individuals are targeted to make them fall. Often, the vulnerabilities of such companies and individuals depend on the mistakes that are made during the set up of their IT infrastructure. We are going to cover these mistakes in this post so that you can prevent your business from being a vulnerable victim to cyber crimes.


Not covering the basics of cyber security

The most common loopholes that hackers use to trap companies were analyzed through a couple of studies and that they found is that these pitfalls were all found in the basic security measures that should have been employed by the companies or the individuals. For instance, a common hack was performed with internet browsers and applications like Adobe Flash Players which are the frontline applications of the companies which should have been covered with security measures. Slipping up and being careless with these pose a bigger risk than you would expect in terms of cyber security breaching.

Not understanding what poses a risk to your cyber security

Lack of knowledge is a big pitfall as well. Companies that do not know why they are even vulnerable in the first place suffer the biggest hits. Each and every company and individual needs to understand what their weaknesses are and how important the value of their assets is. The most common way through which hackers can get into a secure and significant system is through malware or viruses. User errors are the third most important way, so make sure you train yourself and your staff well to understand the loopholes in cyber security!

Having no cyber security policy

Security quality standards should be updated and maintained in each company. Hackers are not just aiming at certain well to do companies in the finance or technology lines, but they aim at any company which is out there in the market. This is why you should never underestimate that your new and small company which has just started out has no problems with a security breach and thus does not need a living cyber security policy. You should always make it your staff’s priority to upkeep a good cyber security policy.

Underestimating the human factor

There is also the inclusion of other factors that contribute to cyber security risks in a corporate company, but they are far from the technological kind. It could be an inside job which involves bitter, current or former employees who various devices such as their mobile devices to copy over sensitive or confidential data to inflict damage. On the other hand, some people may do it for other reasons such as financial gain, for the fun of it or even out of curiosity. The company should not take these attacks lightly, as there are risks of experiencing loss of proprietary data, system disruption or even reputational harm.

Mistaking compliance and security compromise

Remember not to mix up compliance and compromise of a cyber security policy. Making sure your company is compliant to your cyber security policy is not the same as allowing the policy to compromise your security. Make sure the gaps and loopholes in your system which you believe allows your system to be compliant to your existing cyber security policy, do not allow hackers to get through to manipulate your data.

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