What Should Be In Your Summer IT Project Shopping List?

When doing business, you know that being competitive is the key to success. You cannot expect your business to perform well when your competitors are far ahead of you in terms of IT systems that they are using. To avoid this, you have to keep yourself updated on important current technologies that will help upgrade the operations of your business hence be on top of your competitors. As businesses undergo rapid changes, your IT infrastructure needs to keep pace with these changes so that you take advantage of the best support services that come with the new technologies. This is why your summer IT project shopping list should have the following focuses:


The security of your business is not something you can postpone for the next day. Your business data is too important to be in the hands of hackers, scammers and data thieves and believe me you will not like it when that happens. This can happen any time and you should always safeguard your networks, software applications, servers and the processes too. It is not something you can do on your own. You need a security expert to not only come up with a comprehensive security plan, but also run the entire security system. Your emails will need anti-spam and anti-virus just as all your data will need to be encrypted just in case a data thief manages to get into your offices unaware.

Cloud and cloud applications


This is the time to move your servers and applications to the cloud if you have not started doing so. As you already know, this is not something that you can achieve with a click of a button. It is a process that needs assessment and planning by IT experts. So it is important to engage reliable cloud services to carry out the entire transition process. Start with cloud applications that are easy to move like email as you move towards ensuring that all the other systems on your website that can be transitioned to the cloud are done so.

Email archiving

Many businesses do not take it seriously to archive their emails. You might not realize the importance of doing this until someone asks you for a 5 year old email that contained vital information to help save a current situation. Will you start scrolling down your mails five years down the line?

Data backup

The importance of data security to any organization cannot be stressed enough. What will happen if you wake up one day and find that all your business data has vanished into the thin air? This can happen when your data backup is not working properly. You might call for data recovery services, but why take so much risk when you can always test if your backup is in a good working condition? Remember that you will always refer to your data backup when your data security system fails so don’t make it fail as well.

Upgraded phone system

The kind of phone system that you are using in the office affects the efficiency of doing work. This is because the old phone systems do not have the features that come with modern phone systems. For instance, do not expect to get the same efficiency when using a PBX and a VoIP!

Optimized website

Your website is your business premises online and you don’t need to be told about the importance of generating the necessary traffic to your website. Apart from the need to optimize your content, ensure that your website is user friendly not only to those accessing it through their computers, but also those using mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. This is because a significant part of surfers use their mobile devices and you do not want to lock them out.

Mobile device security

In the era of mobile technology, you would expect the staff of any organization to use cell phones in transacting some of the organization’s business activities. Mobile phones can easily get lost or stolen and it is not good to put corporate data at risk. Think of having a mobile device data management system in place this summer!

Updated data

Outdated data is as good as no data at all or even worse. You do not want to discard all of it though without having a quick look at them first. Let someone go through old data and update them to suit current applications.

Virtual desktops

Already using this in your organization? If the answer is no, this is the time to try using it. With the right people on the job, this can prove to be more efficient and economical at the same time.

Using the right IT infrastructure, solutions and services is the best way to improve the security, efficiency and the overall performance of your organization. All you need to do is hire a firm that specializes in these IT services and you will be well covered!