Why More And More Companies Are Outsourcing Their IT Needs


Companies can realize many benefits by outsourcing their IT services or even their entire database or application management infrastructure, yet some IT directors hold back perhaps due to fear of surrendering control. However, if you are an IT director, you will realize this fear is misplaced once you find an IT service supplier interested in a genuine partnership that understands your particular business needs and works with you every step.

It is very much possible to maintain your strategic power while outsourcing the mundane and fundamental aspects of your IT service and support, as you enjoy the following benefits:

You save considerable staff costs

First, you will safe significant cost on the recruiting and hiring front because you certainly know that credible application-based credentials certainly do not come cheap. Additionally, you save costs in the long-term because you will not spend money and valuable time to train employees to support a fundamental business application, only for another company to poach that employee, taking his or her expensively obtained skills with him or her.

You will free up your resources

By outsourcing your help desk or call center, you will free up much needed resources. Certainly, an in-house 24/7 support for your clients is costly. Depending on the size of your company, you may need a dedicated facility run by crucial IT support staff, and is a considerable cost center when it comes to facility management overheads.

Even in smaller companies, someone will need to be on call, beyond office hours to carter to increasingly mobile personnel. A vibrant IT service company is able to offer a superior help desk at significantly reduced costs due to its greater economies of scale.

You will have more flexibility in the use and consumption of IT services

The truth is that infrastructure is very costly. It no longer makes sense for a company to invest in a complex network, servers and other hardware only to deliver essential every day applications to the users, while it can have these applications distributed and managed as a service straight to the desktop without the cost of hardware maintenance. Since a third party will be responsible for managing your applications, it can scale them up and down depending on fluctuating need thus offering you more tightly controlled costs.

You will save money all-round

A great IT service partner will want to work with you to pinpoint the pressure points at which it is reasonable for your company to outsource elements of your IT service and support. The pressure points vary greatly from one business to another.

However, they may depend on the size of your staff that needs support and the extent of that support, the types of applications you are using, the number of devices used, and your geographical location. Clearly, these calculations are very complex and require patient analysis.

Acquire peace of mind

You should not let concerns of complex issues such as disaster recovery and data security give you sleepless nights while you can outsource them to a third party with all the essential skills and infrastructure.

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