A Quick Look At Types Of IT Support And Why You Need Them For Your Business


Whether you are selling items, products or providing services to consumers, you have to provide some kind of support, contact and feedback solution. When items are not delivered to customers, services are not up to expectations and customers are not happy, they will be contacting you! Your customers may be far away, so it may not be practical for them to travel to your location for assistance. Consequently, many prefer to set up a website or some kind of web support portal that customers can use for assistance. Here are the different types of IT support and why you need them for your business!

Local Service Desk Support

As the name suggests, a local service desk is located close to the community of users it serves. Users can come for technical assistance or if they have any questions. A common example of local service desk support is when the service desk is located close, or next to the company that sells the products or services.

Users can come to the same place from which they bought the items, and receive technical assistance and support. You can consider a localized service desk support for your business if you are a small company and you would like to house your service desk support in the same area or place you sell your products, so that you can provide IT support or technical assistance onsite.

Virtual Service Desk Support

As the name suggests, a virtual service desk support means that customers or consumers do not travel to the actual service desk location. Instead, they call into the service desk's hotlines or communicate with call agents through an online portal or website. You should consider having virtual service desk support if the products your company sells are distributed all over the world and it is not feasible for the customer to travel for assistance.

Follow The Sun (24 Hour) Service Desk Support

For global organizations or companies whose products are sold all over the world, it is best to provide 24 hour or "follow the sun" service desk support. The reason is that customers from all time zones and countries will be calling in for technical assistance. 24 hour service desk support does not cost more than 12 hour service desk support, as call agents can continue with their routine in 8 hour shifts. The benefits of a 24 hour support desk are that customers can call in anytime and have someone attending to them.

These options for service desk and IT support provide a way for customers to reach you for technical assistance. For small companies whose products are only sold to people near you, it is best to use a local service desk. And for companies whose products are sold all over the world, it is best to use a 24 hour virtual service desk.

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