Top 5 Reasons To Get Only Authentic Software

Software these days comes in two types – a genuine one and a pirated one. Software piracy has long been an issue. Getting a pirated version of any software is not that difficult. One simply has to use his search engine to look for downloadable content. Counterfeit software could be downloaded for free and a lot of people get away in using it. You might be thinking if you should by original software or not. Well, there are a number of reasons why you should go for the authentic one. Here are those reasons:

To avoid breaking the law

Using counterfeit software and distributing it is illegal in most jurisdictions. In the United States, someone who uses fake software could be apprehended and imprisoned for seven years or be forced to pay up to $250,000. Software piracy has long been illegal. Stricter measures are being implemented these days to ensure that the law is followed.

To enjoy comprehensive customer service


There are a number of benefits by considering buying original computer programs. One of these is the benefit of enjoying technical assistance. Most programs, especially the ones which are so complicated to use, come with a 24 hour customer support service. Software owners would be able to get help regarding various issues through e-mail, phone, or even chat. Those who download pirated software will have to deal with their problems themselves.

To have access to updates

Software manufacturers regularly check their software for things that need to be fixed. Once they detect glitches, bugs, and other problems, they work on them. After working on them, they consider recommending their software buyers to upgrade the programs which have been purchased. If you consider getting genuine software, you will also be able to have access to updates and upgrades. These updates and upgrades are very essential. They help make software work better and sometimes faster.

To prevent virus infection

Another good reason to consider original software is to prevent virus detection. Most pirated programs which are being handed for free in the online world are plagued with numerous viruses. Once installed, these programs spread viruses all over the computer and destroy it. In the case of pirated anti-virus software, it does not really do a great job in preventing viruses from entering the PC because its key is not genuine.

To prevent computer damage

Finally, one good reason to consider purchasing original software is to prevent computer damage. Pirated software is usually tweaked and that makes it very faulty. Faulty pirated software could cause very serious damage to the computer especially its motherboard and hard drive. These computer parts are very vital and their destruction could be very devastating.

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