What Is Cloud Hosting And How Does It Help?

Cloud hosting has become the new way to host websites. Most companies offering hosting services rely on this form for added security and reduced downtime. But what does cloud hosting mean? What are its benefits? Read on to find out.

Earlier, a website could be hosted only on one server so whatever resources that were required to maintain it had to come from that one server. The more people who logged on to the site, the greater the downtime (if the server malfunctions) and the slower the speed owing to reduced bandwidth.

Cloud hosting is a process that allows websites to be hosted on more than one web server. This spreads out the necessary resources needed to manage the site in all its aspects. This maintains bandwidth speed and allows the site to continue running even if there is a server malfunction.

This cluster or cloud of servers ensures that no matter how many users log on to a particular site, they will be able to browse and use its features as if it were only a few people accessing it. If a malfunction occurs with one server, the rest activate to carry the task through. This ensures stability even though the cost of hosting becomes a little more expensive.

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