Why data backup is the most important thing you’ll do all year

Why data backup is the most important thing you’ll do all year

Whether it’s because of a stolen, damaged, or corrupted device, data loss is an all-too common dilemma that everyone wants to avoid. And while the loss of personal files is disastrous enough, business data that is stolen or tampered with can result in legal disputes, reputational damage, and financial losses in the millions. This is where the importance of backup and recovery — the practice of ensuring sensitive data is kept safe and accessible, even in the face of unmitigated disaster — comes in.

Below, we break down the importance of data backups, and why your business should implement robust security solutions today.

Greater data protection

Data backups are an effective way of protecting critical information. By regularly backing up your data, you can rest assured your data is safely stored. This makes data recovery an easy, efficient process, helping reduce business downtime that typically happens when crucial business data becomes inaccessible.

Additionally, reliable backup and recovery solutions may come with extra security features. This could include encryption of your backed-up data and virtual machine integration, allowing you to boot your data from the cloud in the event of an unexpected disaster.

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Lower costs

With greater data security through a reliable backup system, your business could end up saving millions in the long run. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach currently sits at $9.44 million in the United States, with stolen or compromised credentials the most common form of cybercrime. Such losses could not only be attributed to customers jumping ship but also the potential for costly lawsuits, stalled projects, and an overall decrease in productivity.

Moreover, investing in remote backup and recovery services could relieve you of the costs of physical storage solutions. Rather than spending on a burdensome number of on-premises computers, you could opt for cloud-based backups managed by remote IT services.

Improved data management

With most backup and recovery solutions providing automated services, you and your staff can redirect precious time and energy toward other pertinent business tasks.

Reliable backup solutions will take care of rote processes for you, ensuring your data is backed up on a regular, consistent schedule. This makes data management and recovery an effortless procedure, keeping you protected from any potential data crisis.

Align with compliance standards

Various data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and the GDPR have made it mandatory for companies to secure their data through reliable means. This certainly includes the maintenance of robust backup and recovery procedures, as such methods ensure that customer data is kept safe, protected, and available to users even in the case of cyberattacks, system damage, or human error.

Having these routines in place could also help your business pass industry standards such as ISO 27001, one of the most well-known, thorough security audits for ensuring a company’s dedication to privacy and security. Acquiring such certifications would not only help you increase user trust but also give you a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Reduce business downtime

Finally, a proper backup and recovery system could help you maintain high levels of staff productivity. The ability to easily recover important files, especially in the case of disaster, can help workers carry on with their daily tasks without slowing down other important processes.

Additionally, pursuing remote solutions removes the burden of manually performing backup and recovery procedures. Ultimately, by avoiding downtime, your business can focus on more important tasks or project needs.

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