Understanding Office 365: How it can benefit your business

Understanding Office 365: How it can benefit your business

Businesses around the world rely on Microsoft Office as their primary productivity tool for getting work done. In fact, we’ve become so heavily dependent on this famous suite of applications that it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

But technology is always changing and improving and just like other applications available in the cloud, so too is the Office suite -- in the form of Office 365. This cloud-powered platform offers permanently up to date versions of applications you’re familiar with, like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and so much more.

And that provides a whole host of significant benefits to businesses of all sizes. If your company isn’t already utilizing this easy-to-use productivity-boosting tool, here’s why it’s better to do it sooner than later.

Your Office...only better
There’s not much of a learning curve with Office 365, since it offers online versions of programs you already know how to use. The difference is all the cloud-based apps and features that you wouldn’t otherwise get with the desktop-based Office. Some of the notable ones include:

  • Skype for Business - A cloud-based telecom tool for instant messaging, voice or video calls, and online collaborations.
  • Microsoft Teams - A fast, efficient chat-based workspace with powerful features that keep your teams in sync.
  • Yammer - A social network platform that connects top-level decision makers with company-wide staff.

Never pay for upgrades again
The cycle of new software releases never seems to slow down, and this is just as true with Microsoft Office as it is for any other application. But Office 365 runs on a monthly subscription basis, which means you’ll get all the updates and improvements as Microsoft rolls them out.

Having these upgrades included in your monthly charge means you won’t have to fork over thousands of dollars to keep up with the latest Office version on each of your company’s desktops. You’ll save time and money, while having peace of mind knowing your team will always be using the most advanced, most secure version of Office 365.

Take Office with you wherever you go
Nowadays many employees tend to take their work home, check emails while waiting for the bus, or work remotely at a client’s office or coffeeshop. In the past, this would have meant investing in multiple licensed copies of Office -- or at least more expensive licenses that could be installed on multiple desktops.

That’s not the case with Office 365. Thanks to the power of the cloud, your staff will have access to all the applications and tools they need to work whenever, wherever. What’s more, Office 365 is flexible enough that you don’t even need your desktop or laptop to use it. You can view and edit documents from your tablet or smartphone -- just download the app, sign into your account, and you’ll have access to all your files.

Advanced data security
With Office 365, you’ll never have to worry about your files being lost or corrupted again. Microsoft hosts your data on its secure cloud servers, meaning cyber criminals will have an extremely difficult time trying to find their way in and steal sensitive information. You couldn’t have wished for a safer place to store your data.

Office 365 is the smart choice for SMBs looking to elevate their performance in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment. If you want to join the ranks of businesses that are enjoying the many benefits of Office 365, give us a call.