A Beginner’s Introduction To Cloud Computing

Most of us have heard about cloud computing, but not all of us know what exactly it comprises of. More often than not, it is still something unfamiliar and foreign to us. Cloud computing has been a great deal and a great advancement in the IT world and this makes it more important for us all to know at least the basic features of how it works. In this post, we are going to take you through the five basic facts you would need to know about cloud computing to have a decent conversation with an IT expert.


There are two types of cloud you need to be aware of

There are many types of cloud services. Depending on your needs and your corporate business’s needs for IT, your IT expert would pick the right type of cloud service rather than spending money on a brand new IT hardware unnecessarily. The two main types of cloud you should at least know are SaaS, which stands for Software as a Service, and Iaas which stands for Infrastructure as a Service.

SaaS helps you or your company has a server and a storage space for you to launch and store your data. You can access to SaaS by a web browser and usually you or your company would need to pay a small fee to use SaaS each month. For IaaS, you have a virtual option to use machines, servers and to store your data. IaaS runs on system where you pay as you use and there is no fixed price. You pay for the amount you use.

You get more versatility with cloud computing services

With your ever-changing and vibrant business settings, cloud computing services help you manage the ups and downs to match your business progress. What’s more, cloud computing services only charges you for what you use at the moment. This is a perfect environment for small and new businesses that have just started to grow as they would better be able to manage the expenses with their budget this way. It is also suitable for businesses in industries which have peak and off-peak periods.

Cloud computing services negate CAPEX costs

This is a very important point for small and new companies who are trying to advance into newer technologies but do not have enough funding to do so. With cloud computing services, you do not need to purchase new servers for you to advance into new technologies. This helps you forget about additional costs and fees like CAPEX costs. This is a huge cost saving benefit for you and your company in the long run.

Cloud computing service is the best budget option

Many centers which support data storage are running out of their free space. This makes many corporate businesses turn to buying over new data centers or to expand their existing space which costs a bomb. Cloud computing helps you move your data and applications to its own network structure which can be expanded for data so you are saved from all the former troubles.

Cloud computing service facilitates efficient assignment of tasks

With cloud computing services you can free half of your IT staff from certain tasks pertaining to the maintenance of your company’s cloud system. Such work includes trouble-shooting different machines and programs. When your staff is freed from doing these routine jobs, they will have more time to do other things which makes your company more efficient and profitable overall.

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