Avoid IT Choices That Can Lead To Inadequate Tech Support For Your Business!

Because small businesses focus much on their own industry as well as organization, they often overlook effective technology practices and solutions. This is true especially because these businesses often do not have the resources, means or the will to keep up with the ever changing computer developments and malicious security threats. Below are some of the choices small business owners make that often lead to bad or inadequate technical support:

Relying on software or hardware manufacturer's helpdesk only

It is a common thing for small business owners to feel that their software or hardware manufacture's help desk is sufficient. One of the problems that this perception presents is that vendor's solutions to most problems are to just run reinstallations; this may result in the loss of your business data. And the vendor focus is mostly on how well their hardware or software will run; not to protect your vital data.

Relying on big store service division

Sometimes it is possible to get a good break-fix service from those big store chain technology services. But relying on such kind of support can also mean never seeing the same technician support staff, so chances are high that it would be an inexperienced technician.

Relying on a freelancing technician


Do not make the mistake of hoping that a technology student or your local computer guy will do all that you business needs even if they can offer some good computer support today. Sometimes it may mean a scattered experience which could not be the best match for your business computer needs. And because these guys have other commitments in their lives, they may not be available at a time when you need them most, and this can put your organization at risk especially when systems fail or underperform.

Relying on "the computer guy" in your company

You may choose to rely on an employee who even if their job description is related to the core business, they are too much into computers. Also, you could call in your neighbor who is said to be a computer guru, so they can come after work to fix some issues. While such people may mean well and they can certainly fix some of the issues, this does not make them qualified to provide the best services for your professional organization. You may study anatomy and practise some kinds of treatment, but this does not qualify a dentist to practise as a heart surgeon.

Calling professionals only when you need them

Because small businesses still want to spend as little as it is possible, they expect that they will need tech support only when an issue arises. In fact, they don't see the need to line up proper continuing maintenance plan. You should note that break-fix only models often lead to improper or missed updates and upgrades, and they can lead to even bigger problems in the future such as malware and system failures.

Dependence on such insufficient support services can lead to poor support or ill advised decisions when critical systems fail, perform too slow or worst still, bring business to halt. Sometimes, when business owners realize that they need some good professional help, they do not know where to turn. This is true especially when on a tight budget. So in in such cases, the boss will empower someone to make a few calls here and there, and once they get quotes, they often go with the cheapest company who could also be the least qualified. And the end results are the same; poor decisions or putting your company at risk.

Underestimating the true need of IT support services

One thing you need to note is that companies are getting where they are now because of the way they are doing their businesses. And to get a competitive advantage, a business has to change the way they run their operations. One of the ways to get a competitive advantage in the market is to outsource your IT support. One good thing about such services is that they are always quality and use the latest technology to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Today, networks are getting to another level and it is not a must for a business to have all its computers wired in order to share services on a network. Also, data recovery practices are given a priority to ensure that you are always secure and safe. And if you want to go the cloud systems way, then these support services will take you there to make sure that you get the most out of the services and also get to reap much in the future.

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