Investing In Business IT Support For The First Time?


It is safe to say that in most parts of the world today, the use of IT to run businesses is becoming a necessity. Chances are that you already have an IT system in place so that your customers can find it easier to work with you. A good example of this is when you require every customer to have their own account, so that they can be using it to conduct business. Doing this increases the chances of running the business more effectively, which makes it worth the investment. You are also likely to make more money by automating some of the systems in your business, since this means that you will have a more efficient system without having to pay many people to run it.

Before doing the automation, however, you will often need to come up with a framework that you can use to deal with any problems that might arise. For instance, the system could end up not working as expected, and this in turn means that your customers may end up being disappointed. The best way to combat this would be to spend some money on high quality customer care for the system.

What are your options?

Deciding to get your first IT support service is an easy decision to make. However, always remember that the devil is in the details. Getting a number of seemingly minor things wrong could result in you spending money on a support system that does not work as well as it should. You may spend a lot of money on it, only to find that it does not serve you as well as you wanted it to.

The first step in the decision making process is figuring out how many options you have at your disposal. Broadly speaking, there are two ways of getting IT support for your company:

• Employing your own support staff: On the surface, this seems like the way to go. Employing your own staff means that you can have full control over what they do, and it also gives you an opportunity to handpick each of them. However, one inherent problem with this is that it can be a bit messy especially if you are interested in starting a large system. For instance, you would need to go through the details of each of the people you are thinking of hiring. You would then need to come up with human resource policies about issues such as pensions and health insurance. All this can turn out to be very complicated and expensive, particularly if you are a startup or a small company.

• Outsourcing: A large proportion of firms out there prefer outsourcing to employing their own staff. You can approach a company that is known to offer IT support, and then go over the products they offer. You can then choose the method of support that you think suits you best. The advantages of this method include the fact that it’s cheap, easy to implement and usually offers better value for money.

Customizing the support service to your business

The support service can be used in two ways: members of staff in your firm can use it to solve some of the IT problems that they encounter, and it can also be used to provide support to customers who encounter problems when using your systems. Either way, it’s important to make sure that the support system you get is customized to your business. Some of the details you need to sort out in order to get it figured out include:

• What sorts of systems would you be needing support for most of the time? If you mainly run a cloud-based IT system, for instance, it would be wise to get a support service that is familiar with this technology.

• The types of clients that the support will be targeted to: For instance, if the staff members you are working with are very good at IT, using a support service that only provides basic information would not work for them. You should always make sure that the support service has a knowledge base better than the people who will be using it, so that any escalated issue will be easily resolved.

The bottom line is to make the support fit like a glove for your business

The main point in getting IT support services is to always make sure that whatever you pay for fits like a glove. This means finding out what your needs are, and then making sure that you pay for a support service that will cater to these needs. If you are getting such services for the first time or simply want to get it right, you should avoid rushing through it. Your moves should always be deliberate to ensure that you don’t regret making an expensive wrong decision later on.

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