Beefing Up Your Network Security Architecture


Traditional threat detection in a network is said to become increasingly less effective over time. This is the reason behind why most companies offering IT solutions work their way to beef up network security architecture. In this time and age when everything seems to be updated in a flash, you should also be guarded as to the latest tools and trends for your network's security.

Behavioral and segmentation monitoring and analysis

Some networks remain to be flat and this can certainly be a threat to security. How does a flat network entail security threats? A flat security follows a straight, lateral path. That same path can be attacked by hackers in a relatively easy way. When the attacker gets into that flat security system, he can move laterally in all aspects of the system thus allowing him to exploit all data that will breach the network's security.

The segmented network architecture comes in. It comes with tools such as zoning and network isolation. These segmentation tools include the likes of next-generation firewalls and software-defined networking. These tools have heightened network security thus protecting the system's architecture. Additionally, there is also the behavioral monitoring tool that is helpful in identifying advanced attacks on a system.

Modularity application

The art of network architecture now adapts what is called modularity application that uses three network layers namely core, distribution and access. It follows a hierarchical network design which assigns every module in the network one function to perform. While this is the case, this design allows all these functions to share one function at one level. This is said to follow a consistent design and configuration within the network. All services within the network connect to the global core rather than the regional core thus allowing for more centralized services. This gives users a greater and better access to shorter paths.

Putting more focus on SSL

Security Sockets Layer or SSL is a predecessor to the then famous Transport Layer Security. This is used as a protocol for encrypting data that has been transmitted through the Internet. If you intend to beef up network security architecture, you should focus more on SSL so that you can target high-risk zones in your system as well as protect the most sensitive information you have.

Go for simple solutions

While you endeavor to keep up with the trends and the most complex network security architecture, you should focus more on making the solutions to network security as simple as possible. Simple solutions include point-to-point solutions that can be easily deployed. These can also be easily operated and will certainly work to your advantage. These are cost-effective solutions too in that they only employ changes that are customized for the needs of your existing network architecture.

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