IT has Changed


The world has definitely gone through a large magnitude of changes. And what has been the major reason or cause for this change is the way in which technology has progressed. There is hardly a day that goes by where something new is released, be it new gadgets or just software updates. Whatever it is, we see a constant and increasing progress every single minute. Technology is now also more user friendly and easily accessible as compared to the days when technology first started making its mark on society. With this more accessible and easy to handle more and more people are taking it in their own hands to use and fix what is broken themselves. With the BYOD or bring your own device, the cloud and a multitude of other transformations people are embracing technology and becoming more tech savvy. Which could be a problem for the people involved in IT servicing. There is not a problem around that google cannot help you fix and so the need to call a support or service centre seems rather pointless. Unless, of course the problem is hardware related and cannot be fixed without a certain set of tools and knowledge of the device. It does however, pose the question, and are IT support centres even relevant anymore in today’s world? Even though it seems like global IT support services cease to exist it is safe to say that these support centres are adapting and progressing along with technology itself.

Usually when IT functions are managed internally you tend to face a major problem when it comes to hiring a new resource. You tend to weight all the pros and cons and see if it is feasible to hire a new resource after checking to see if you can properly manage and handle the new ones. Recruiting time is a tough time for everyone one and you need to find people equipped to handle the ever changing processes. You this for the most obvious reason, you need to make the ultimate optimal you of your very limited budget so there are a lot of things to take into consideration. You also have to make sure that you have a good inflow of projects. Hiring someone but keeping them around the office as a spare part makes no sense at all. You need to know that he is adding some value to your business. So you need to have projects lined up for you him so that he does not stand by idly. What usually helps when you are running on a tight budget is outsourcing. If you are a small company then you may want to opt for Global IT servicing that will take care of all your IT needs and tasks and that too at a much lower rate than what you would have to pay locally, so it is definitely a lot less steep on your budget. You will have all the support you need here. What is more to the benefit of it being well within your budget is the fact that you will not have to go through the painful process of hiring or recruiting staff, training or having to keep a tab on the pay roll at all. Also, since there is never a case of constant projects you can rely on the outsourced company as and when required rather than rely on someone who is there twenty four – seven without any work to do. Also, there is the added benefit that your outsourced IT service will be able to help you a lot more since they interact with a wide range of client sites on a daily basis and are better equipped to assist and handle all your queries and problems, to repeat myself, it is well within your budget as well.

Regardless of how you choose to handle your IT, be it internally or with a globally outsourced service or support centre, you will have to manage the various functions and changes in the process of adaptation throughout, when it comes to new modes of services and newer business goals. Services like the cloud are very easily available to anybody interested. They are either free or come at a very negligible price and many companies may choose to opt for these kind of services. The IT department may not even be aware of these decisions but they are so easily available and easy to use that companies hardly hesitate to use them and thus making the IT departments seem rather obsolete in its workings. All that IT services really have to do is help reduce on the company expenditure and help the departmental heads make proper and more informed decisions. However, it does not matter what progresses, the IT will always be in vogue.