Do You Know How To Avoid IT Support Scams?


Technical support scams have been around for as long as the service has been available. There are always people looking to cash in on unsuspecting consumers and many businesses have fallen victim to the scams. The fact that the fraudsters have become more perceptive and cunning is not helping the small businesses that depend on IT support. Some companies pose as legitimate tech support services, they have been extorting money by claiming to offer computer repair, and IT services.

When you work with these fake service providers, you are essentially opening yourself up to major risk especially when you consider that you have given the fraudsters remote access to your network. There are several ways to protect your business network from fraud. Knowing how to identify the scams will help you to protect your business from being a target.

Be wary of unsolicited calls

It is important to note that reputable support services do not call you unexpectedly promising to solve previously unidentified problems. If you get a call from someone claiming to be a technician who has discovered you have a problem, be very wary. This could be someone trying to get access to your system and you can end up exposing your sensitive data. These people claim that they can solve non-existent problems and they even charge you for the job! In some cases, they will even sell you bogus software. Legitimate support services do not contact you unless you have approached them for assistance.

Research on prospective services

One way to avoid falling for scams is by researching any service providers that you plan to work with. Do your homework and get references to avoid making costly mistakes. There are many reputable IT support services in the market. However, you need to be diligent to find the best one. Thoroughly research the service and read reviews on the firm. Visit the company website and read their terms and conditions so that you can find out information such as pricing and other details.

Be careful about remote access

You should be very careful before granting the service provider remote access to your computer network. Before you allow a technician access to your computer, make sure that he or she is a true representative of the tech support company. It also helps to keep an eye on what the technician is doing and make sure that you keep the channels of communication open. You should never give your passwords and other sensitive information to a stranger. If you are uncomfortable or suspicious about anything, do not hesitate to stop the remote session.

Trust your instincts

Like with all things, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Be wary of technicians or companies that make promises or claims that seem unrealistic. Some people offer certain functions free, as a way to sell you their services.

It is always advisable to take immediate action if you have fallen victim to a tech scam. Acting fast will limit the damage and you can protect your company from further lose. You should also contact the relevant authorities to file a complaint.