5 Latest Threats To Network Security

Is the network in your workplace secure? Are you 100% sure? Remember that security threats develop overtime. There are always new threats that arise and you must be updated with them. Here are the latest threats that might endanger your network:


Social engineering threats

Almost everybody in the workplace has at least one account in any of the popular social networking sites of today. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Hackers have found ways on infiltrating security networks by using social networking sites as tools. Usually hackers victimize employees by tricking them into giving confidential information. Both corporations as well as government agencies have been victimized through social engineering.

Device-connected threats

These days, people find it necessary to have smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. These devices are very useful not only for business use but for private use as well. You should be aware on how these items can be used against your company. Remember that these devices have cameras and microphones. These features can be used by attackers so that they can breach through the network security walls. Because of such a threat, it is important regulate the use of such devices within the workplace.

Social media threats

Employees should also be careful uploading or even watching videos from social media sites. Scammers use such sites in order to gain a list of targeted victims. After that, they pretend to be representatives of those media sites and send spoof e-mails to unsuspecting victims. And it can be very easy to believe such posers and give them vital information unknowingly. Because of social media threats, access to social media sites like YouTube is prohibited in some workplaces.

Fake apps and software

You most certainly have to utilize apps as well as software in your business. Make sure you get legal copies of such. Never go for the ones that can easily be downloaded online unless they are supposed to be offered for free. Oftentimes, freebies in the Internet are loaded with viruses and malware. Do not be surprised if your network starts to crash any time soon after you have downloaded pirated apps and software online.


2013 can be considered as the year of widespread botnet cases. Even this year, so many companies have botnets without their knowledge. Once computers within the network get infected with malicious software, there is no knowing as to how many individuals have already snooped through your e-mail as well as your confidential documents. The ability to breach network security via the botnet concept is something that a lot of hackers today are harnessing.

Because of the rising number of security threats, it is important to consult IT professionals for a high level of network security. For that and other IT solutions, you can always consider US Wired Computer Networking Solutions. We can take a look at your current network, asses it, and give the necessary solutions for it. We can make sure that all of your important files are protected from hacking other threats.

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