Why You Need Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a hosting service that is provided from a network of servers. It is also known as clustered hosting. In the past there used to be two main kinds of hosting that were available to small businesses. They two are the shared and dedicated hosting. Cloud computing was introduced later and quickly grew in popularity due to its practicability and reliability. It was at first adopted by huge Internet companies, but soon spread to small businesses and individuals.

There are many advantages that make this method of hosting better than the dedicated and shared hosting. These advantages improve the productivity of businesses by enhancing communication and data security. In order to remain competitive in the market, businesses must adopt cloud computing and other services that are supported by this technology.



Clustered hosting is reliable. This is one of its main benefits. In fact, it is the reason why most people prefer cluster hosting to other types of hosting. Several servers are used to store data instead of a single one. This ensures that the hosting services do not go down when the server crashes or when it is undergoing maintenance. Therefore, websites that are hosted on cloud servers enjoy more up-time and functionality.

Cloud servers offer more bandwidth compared to other servers. This is very advantageous to huge websites that receive a lot of traffic. In normal hosting services, the bandwidth is normally limited depending on the package. This reduces the performance of websites and online systems. When hosting a site on a cloud server, one is not limited to a specific amount of bandwidth. This comes in handy if the web traffic fluctuates through the year. One does not have to change the bandwidth every now and then to meet the requirements of his or her website.

Security of data and information is also ensured. Cloud servers are normally spread all over the word. Therefore, the data is not stored in one location. This minimizes cases of data loss due to sabotage or natural disasters like earth quakes and floods. Therefore, by hosting online services on a cloud server, one is assured of security of his or her data.



Hosting a websites on cloud servers also has some disadvantages. To start with, it is more expensive than other forms of hosting. However, in the recent years the price has come down. It is determined by the amount of resources that one uses. Therefore, small businesses pay less than huge Internet corporations. If one knows how to manage the resource properly, he or she can get more value for the money he or she has paid.

Despite the price, cloud hosting is currently the most preferred kind of hosting. Not only does it offer reliable service, but also improves the value of one's business. It provides one with enough resources and potential to grow his or her enterprise and website. This makes it ideal for small businesses. Therefore, every business owner and individual should adopt this form of hosting.

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