5 Tech Hiding Holes To Store Your Valuable Photos

Photos are definitely items that are worthy to be treasured. They are basically memories and pieces of the past that have been preserved. It is because of pictures that people could know and remember about the things that have occurred. In the past several years, photos are usually kept in photo albums. But advancements in technology have made it possible for people to capture digital photos. Photos that were taken using film cameras are now being scanned so that they could be stored with other digital photos. Photo albums are not as common as they were back in the days. Today, here are the most common places where people store their photos.

Portable storage devices

Photos these days are basically stored in portable storage devices. These devices are definitely a lot smaller than the traditional photo albums and they could contain thousands of photos. Examples of storage devices include discs such as DVD’s and CD’s, USB flash drives, and memory cards. People who have very important photos usually duplicate them and save them in more than just one storage device. In case, one device fails, the file will still be retrieved from another.

E-mail accounts

E-mail service providers now allow their subscribers to store very important files. Most e-mail providers allow their subscribers to store files up to more than one gigabyte. There are also e-mail service providers that allow the sharing of files. One example is Google Mail, one of the most popular e-mail service providers out there. One who has Google Mail also has access to Google Drives, a feature that helps people manage their files online.

Social networking sites


Social networking sites have also become tools in photo storage. There are a lot of sites out there where one could upload his photos and showcase them to whomever he likes. One of the most popular social networking sites today is Facebook. It is being used by millions of users worldwide. Facebook allows its users to create online photo albums and upload numerous photos. However, the problem is that photos that are too big are reduced in size and quality.

Photo storage sites

The problem with Facebook and other social networking sites regarding the reduction of photo size is not present in actual photo storage sites. Actual photo storage sites refer to those websites that are made specifically for storing photos. One of the best photo storage sites out there is Bluboxes. This site allows users to upload their photos at one hundred percent solution. Thus, high quality photos will still appear in high quality once stored in the sites.

File storage sites

There are also sites out there where one could store various files and not just photos. These sites usually use cloud computing technology in order to cater to the demands of people nowadays regarding file storage. One good example of a file storage site is Dropbox. Its users could not only upload but also share various files including photos, documents, video clips, and a lot more.

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